How is Linea different to other layer 2 networks?

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Linea is one of several zero knowledge (zk) rollups available — using zero knowledge proofs isn't a unique approach.

The main thing that makes Linea special is that it is a fully EVM-equivalent zero knowledge layer 2 network

Why is this a good thing? Well, in addition to the benefits that most layer 2 networks offer — lower gas fees, high capacity, and scalability — our full EVM equivalence means developers can use the same tools and infrastructure as they would on Ethereum, making it easier to work with Linea in general. This has practical benefits, like making it more straightforward to port dapps from one chain to another. 

Linea also has native integrations with other commonly used tools, accelerating how quickly developers can share dapps with users. MetaMask streamlines user onboarding, for example, and Infura's infrastructure provides stability and scalability.

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