Getting started with Linea

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Consensys' zk-EVM rollup network, Linea, is live in both a mainnet form (rolling its transactions up to Ethereum Mainnet) and testnet (rolling up to Ethereum Goerli testnet).

Linea's Mainnet is live initially with launch partners only; general availability to follow soon afterward.

A network like Linea can be thought of an extension of Ethereum mainnet; a network that works just like Ethereum, except a lot faster, and a lot cheaper. It's kept in sync with the main network through a complex system, known as a rollup, that uses zero-knowledge technology to prove that the transactions being made on Linea are sound and valid.

Getting Started

MetaMask is the best way to get started with Linea.

  1. You'll need some ETH to roll up to Linea. If you have some already on mainnet, you're ready to move on. If you have some ETH on another network, jump over to MetaMask Bridge to get it to mainnet. If you don't have any ETH, or want more to use on Linea, MetaMask Portfolio's Buy tool will connect you with a convenient method. (You can buy ETH or USDC.e directly on Linea using MetaMask Portfolio!)
  2. Make sure that your MetaMask is set up to interact with Linea; it should already be available as a default network in your MetaMask network selector. 
  3. You're doing great! Now, let's bridge some of that ETH over to Linea, shall we? Fortunately, a bridge is available that makes this relatively easy. 
  4. There you go! The bridging might take a little time, after which you should see your bridged ETH appear when connected to Linea in MetaMask. Check out some of the dapps that are already running on Linea below! 🚀

Deployed Dapps

Are you eager to start with the various protocols already live on Linea? Read more about exploring dapps on Linea.

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