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This article is a summary and index of Using the Consensys Suite, a set of articles guiding developers through how to use Consensys products in unison.

Using the Consensys Suite

Building the web of the future

By following the articles in this series, we hope that you can progress from wherever you are on your developer journey, from "I've fallen in love with web3, and know nothing about coding" to "You may have read some of my works, the publisher is named O'Reilly", to succeeding in buidling on public blockchain infrastructure.

The articles in this series are listed here by topic, although the recommended order in which they should be read may differ. 

Background Information

Start Here

The Network Node


MetaMask: A crypto wallet, decentralized identity manager, and blockchain developer tool

Using your app with MetaMask: the user’s perspective

Non-EVM chains, custom wallet UI, and more with MetaMask Snaps

Dapp development

The Nitty-Gritty of Dapp Development: the Ethereum JSON-RPC API


Infura: Your always-on, reliable, scalable blockchain endpoint provider


Do your Due Diligence

Supply Chain Security Announcement: Put a LavaMoat around your code



Articles in this section

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