What are Linea's official channels?

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This is a list of all Linea's official sites and social media accounts.

Linea is putting out information in a lot of places; make sure you're going to these sources for information — and no matter what you're doing online, make sure you're double-checking URLs, and bookmarking official sites like these:


Websites and Dapps

Homepage: https://linea.build/

Documentation: https://docs.linea.build/

Support: https://support.linea.build/hc/en-us

Testnet Portal: https://goerli.linea.build/

Block Explorer: https://explorer.linea.build/ 

Ecosystem Portal: https://linea.build/apps (dapps live on Linea, and more)


Forums and Community

Linea Discord: https://discord.com/invite/linea 

Developers' Forums: https://community.linea.build/


Social Media and Blogs

Lenster: https://lenster.xyz/u/linea

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LineaBuild

Mirror: https://linea.mirror.xyz/


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