How to connect to Linea Testnet using Infura

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Infura provides an endpoint specifically for developers wishing to build dapps on Linea, or otherwise access network information.

Getting your API Key

The steps required to access the endpoint are straightforward, and are the same as any other network available through Infura: 

  1. Sign up with Infura (it's free)
  2. Go to the Dashboard:
  3. Click on Create New API Key and give your project a name
  4. Use as an endpoint for your JSON-RPC API requests

All those steps are summarized in our Infura support article here.

Why am I getting a 404 error?

Please note: the above URL is not a website for you to browse; it is an endpoint to which requests for network data, or transaction requests, are sent by backend code.

For more information from Infura on building with Linea, see here:


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