How to bridge tokens to Linea

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The easiest way to bridge tokens to and from Linea is by using MetaMask Portfolio's Bridge feature.

How to use the MetaMask Portfolio Bridge feature

We recommend using MetaMask Portfolio to bridge to and from Linea.

Our friends at MetaMask have already put together a guide on using the Bridge feature, available here. If you encounter any issues, check the FAQs at the bottom of the guide; if your question isn't answered there, you can easily access MetaMask Support via the 'Support' button in MetaMask Portfolio. 

How to use the Linea bridge

Bridging ERC-20 tokens using official Linea bridge is only recommended for technically-minded users! For most, the MetaMask Portfolio Bridge feature is more suitable.

You can also view alternative options at the ecosystem portal. Head to and select the 'Bridge' filter.


  1. Head to the Linea bridge at If you haven't already connected your wallet, hit the 'Connect' button in the top right.
  2. Make sure you've selected the correct origin and destination network for your preferred transfer. Currently, the bridge supports Ethereum and Linea. To switch them around, hit the arrow icon on the right.

    Linea Bridge select tokens

  3. Input the amount of ETH you want to bridge.
  4. Choose between automatic and manual claiming. Note that manual claiming is the only option when bridging from Linea to Ethereum mainnet.

    Linea Bridge select claiming method

    You must select automatic claiming if you're moving funds from Ethereum to Linea for the very first time. This is because the manual claim on the destination network requires gas fees, which you won't be able to pay if you haven't already bridged some ETH.

    What does this mean?

    Automatic claiming means that your funds will automatically appear in your account once the bridge transfer is complete. You pay an execution fee for automatic claiming.

    Manual claiming means you'll need to return to the bridge to claim the funds when the transfer is ready to complete. A 'claim funds' button will appear next to the transaction under the 'Recent transactions' area. You'll need to pay gas for this transaction to claim your bridged funds.

  5. Click 'Start bridging' to get things underway, and confirm the transaction in MetaMask. Bridging takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

    Linea Bridge select start bridging

I used the bridge but my tokens aren't appearing. What do I do? 

Linea is a brand-new network and has drawn a lot of attention, and the pressures this places on tools like the bridge can be hard to replicate in testing. Accordingly, we're working on improving the bridge so that it works smoothly.

In the meantime:

  1. Firstly, make sure your bridged funds aren't waiting to be claimed. If you bridged using manual claiming—which you will have needed to if you were bridging from L1 to L2 for the first time—then you need to return to the bridge and click the 'Claim funds' button next to the relevant transaction.

    Linea Bridge claim funds

  2. Check the status of your transaction on Lineascan: 
    • Here for L1 -> L2 transactions (deposits)
    • Here for L2 -> L1 transactions (exit transactions)
    If your transaction is showing up here, it's in the queue and will be processed. Or, if it's labelled as 'Pending claim', you just need to return to the bridge and claim it. 

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