How to use the Linea Gas Pass

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The Linea Gas Pass allows you to interact with the latest decentralized applications (dapps) on the Linea platform, with the added benefit of having transaction fees (gas fees) subsidized.

The Gas Pass contract is 0xe286d24eafef04ea1eafc7f3de605b684dd6a4bf.

This guide provided a step-by-step walkthrough on how to find Gas Pass-enabled dapps and how to utilize the Linea Gas pass for seamless on-chain transactions.

Finding Gas Pass enabled dapps

To get started, find a dapp that is compatible with the Linea Gas Pass.

  1. Find dapps on Linea
    Head over to the Linea ecosystem page to browse through a variety of dapps available on the Linea platform.
  2. Enable ‘GasPass Enabled’ dapps
    Ensure the ‘Mainnet’ option is selected, then click the ‘GasPass Enabled’ button. This way, you’ll be able to view all Gas Pass-enabled dapps in an instant.

    Linea ecosystem search filters

Using the Linea Gas Pass

Once you’ve located the Gas Pass-enabled dapps, it’s time to harness the power of your Linea Gas Pass.

  1. Navigate to your dapp
    Head over to one of the Gas Pass-enabled dapps.
  2. Connect your wallet
    Ensure that within the dapp, you are connected to the Linea Mainnet network. Then, click ‘Connect Wallet’ as you normally would.

    Linea connect wallet

  3. Connect using WalletConnect
    Once you’re shown a modal of wallet options, select ‘WalletConnect.’

    Linea use WalletConnect

  4. Copy WalletConnect string
    After clicking the ‘WalletConnect’ button, click the copy-icon next to ‘Connect your wallet.’ You do not need to scan the WalletConnect QR code.

    WalletConnect copy icon

  5. Navigate to Group OS
    Go to, and paste in the string that you’ve just copied. Then, make sure to connect with the account that you used to participate in the Linea Entertainment Festival.

    Groupos connect wallet

  6. Select your Linea Gas Pass
    You’ll see a list of NFT accounts that you own; including the Linea Gas Pass. Click it to continue.
  7. View gas balance and tokens
    After clicking the Gas Pass, you’ll see an overview of the gas balance that is remaining on your Linea Gas Pass, as well as a list of tokens that are on your account.
  8. Go back to the dapp
    Head back to the dapp that you just opened; you’ll notice that you’re now connected with the Linea Gas Pass account.
  9. Initiate a transaction
    Proceed to initiate a transaction on the dapp of your choosing.
  10. Approve the transaction
    Head back to the open tab on, you’ll now notice that a pending transaction has shown up and that the gas fee will be subsidized. Review the transaction details and click ‘Continue’ if everything looks correct.
  11. Sign the message
    You’ll see a signature request modal from MetaMask; click ‘Sign. This action will not cost you any gas from your personal MetaMask account. Learn more about signatures in MetaMask.
  12. Completion
    Voila! Your transaction is now submitted to the network, and you’re all set.

That’s all for now! If you’d like to learn more about the Linea Gas Pass, take a look at our article on

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