How to swap tokens on Linea

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The fastest way to swap tokens on Linea, with the best rate and highest rate of success, is by using MetaMask Swaps.


Access all the liquidity of Linea in one click (or tap!)

Linea is building towards being a decentralized, permissionless network, like Ethereum. As such, there is a growing a number of swaps platforms live on the network, and heavy token-trading activity.

MetaMask Swaps aggregates all the information from those platforms regarding token availability, volume, price, etc., and provides you with the best offers out there on your particular swap. It has the additional feature of helping to protect you against making a bad swap by falling victim to price impact or slippage.

MetaMask Swaps can be accessed through MetaMask Mobile or Extension, or on MetaMask Portfolio:

Mobile/Extension Portfolio

Click on the round Swap button in the middle of the wallet screen for any account you have open:

MetaMask Linea swap button


To learn more about the platforms that MetaMask Swaps uses to source its information, check out the Linea Ecosystem Explorer (, under DeFi:

Linea defi ecosystem


For more information on how MetaMask Swaps works, and detailed instructions on using it, check out MetaMask's Swaps User Guide.

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