Can I speed up bridge transfers on the Linea bridge?

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Short answer: yes, but it's complex, and you should read this before you try, otherwise you risk losing your funds altogether. 

This article is relevant to you if you:

  • Initiated a transfer using the Linea bridge, and;
  • The bridge transaction has been "pending" for longer than it should be.

Do not replace your transaction using only your wallet

You may already be aware of the practice of replacing or cancelling "stuck" transactions in MetaMask: you set the priority fee too low, so you replace the transaction with another of the same nonce, but with a higher fee, and then it gets picked up and confirmed. The original is then permanently "dropped" (read: into the void), and you can go on your merry way. To cancel the transaction altogether, you would simply submit the replacement in the same way, but with a value of zero.

Since bridges like the Linea bridge require smart contract interactions to work, and not simple "send" transactions, you cannot apply this method when bridging funds. (It may work with some third-party bridges, but we'd advise you to be cautious and make sure it does before you try. It definitely does not work with the Linea bridge.)

The data about your bridge must be sent as part of a "sendMessage" contract interaction. You cannot simply send the relevant funds to the bridge contract address. If you do, you'll irretrievably lose them; there's nothing we can do to get them back for you.


If you attempt to replace a bridge transfer using a standard transaction in MetaMask (or any other wallet), you will lose the funds involved. This applies even if you send the funds to the contract address.

How to safely replace your bridge transaction

The best way to replace your failing bridge transfer is to set up another using the Linea bridge. Just make sure the nonce of the transaction you sign in your wallet is the same as that of the transaction you're replacing.

(Make sure you're doing this with a wallet that supports editing the nonce, like MetaMask.)

  1. Head back to the Linea bridge.
  2. Enter the bridge details. The actual value transferred across can be more, less, or the same — it doesn't matter, so do what suits you best. Click 'Start bridging' once you're ready to proceed.
  3. The critical step: edit the nonce in MetaMask (or whatever wallet you're using). If you're using MetaMask, see here for instructions. Change the nonce of the transaction to the same as the one you're trying to replace. See here for how to find a transaction's nonce in MetaMask.

    This is a critical step!

    If you don't make sure the nonces match, you cannot replace a transaction. Instead, you'll send a new one and bridge additional funds.

  4. Do not attempt to underpay gas. The reason your first bridge is stuck is likely to be because the priority fee wasn't high enough. To make sure your new attempt is successful, go with MetaMask's suggested gas settings. If you're in a rush or want to be extra sure, you can always increase the fee.
  5. Submit the transaction. When it is confirmed, your requested bridge transfer will begin. 

If you run into any issues, head to our Discord or open a ticket with Support by signing in on this page.


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