Linea Voyage XP tokens (LXP): FAQs

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Linea Voyage XP (LXP) tokens are an ERC-20 token you can receive for participating in Linea Voyages — a series of community events where you use various elements of the Linea ecosystem to help us test, grow, and build. 

LXP tokens are non-transferrable (soulbound), which means you cannot use them in swaps, bridges, trades, simple send transactions, etc. 

We've collated some FAQs below to help inform you about LXP:

What is LXP?

LXP tokens recognize the community's contribution to the development and maturation of Linea and its ecosystem. The tokens constitute a unified system for acknowledging all past and present involvement, as well that to come in future.

What can I do with LXP tokens?

LXP tokens are non-transferrable (soulbound), so cannot be moved from the account that receives them. This means you won't be able to use them in any DeFi operations or trade them for any other tokens.

Will I receive something in future according to how many I have?

LXP will be used to determine eligibility for official community roles, exclusive Linea swag, and more. We'll share further details about this when possible.

What is the LXP token address?
How do I add LXP to MetaMask?

Switch to the Linea network, and then head to your 'Tokens' list. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Import tokens', then switch to the 'Custom token' tab.

Now, input these details, and then import the token:

  • Contract address: 0xd83af4fbD77f3AB65C3B1Dc4B38D7e67AEcf599A
  • Symbol: LXP
  • Decimals: 18
Does LXP have any monetary value?


The tokens cannot be traded or moved from the account that received them.

What is "account binding"?

Account binding aggregates all your LXP to a single account. This means you don't have to worry about which account you're using (or have used in the past) for Linea Voyage tasks, since your LXP will eventually appear in the single bound account.

You cannot use account binding to stack or double the LXP received. If any duplicate activity is identified, you will only receive it once, in your primary account. The only scenario that differs is if you hold more than one Linea Testnet Voyage NFT — if you do, you will receive LXP for each one.

Read about how to set up account binding here.

Please note that account binding is not retroactive: you must set it up before you perform tasks. Tasks completed before binding will not be affected, and the LXP you received will remain attributable to whatever account you used at the time.

Where can I see my LXP?

Head to Lineascan and check your account. Make sure you're looking for the correct LXP token, with the address 0xd83af4fbD77f3AB65C3B1Dc4B38D7e67AEcf599A.

Alternatively, you can head to the activations page and connect your wallet to see your balance.

What events will enable me to collect LXP? 

Head to this page and then select the 'Get XP' filter to view any current events where LXP is available. 

Please note, however, that the account you are using needs to pass the POH assessment (see below) before it is eligible for any LXP.

What is POH (proof of humanity) and what does it have to with LXP?

POH proves genuine human ownership of accounts, and is necessary to protect from Sybil attacks. LXP can only be minted on accounts that successfully complete POH, which is generally assessed through examining the account's historical data and activity across multiple chains. 

To complete POH, go to and complete the attestation through our preferred providers. You need to complete with one provider from Group A and two providers from Group B in order to fully complete POH.

How can I ensure POH success?

If you engage with the Linea Voyage using a new account, distinguishing your activity from that of a bot will be challenging, making Proof of Humanity more complex.

We recommend designating your main account as the “primary account” for the Linea Voyage, and accumulating your LXP there. This approach simplifies the PoH process and offers the best user experience.

We understand that using your primary account may not always be practical or secure. Therefore, the Linea team developed a way to bind multiple accounts on the activations page. If you use account binding, it is important to set the account you pass PoH with as the primary account. When using account binding, only your Primary Account needs to pass PoH.

(Please take time during this process, as it cannot be undone or changed. Account binding is permanent and irreversible.

If you have more specific questions, or want to ask about a particular event or aspect of a Voyage, please head to the Linea Discord.

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