LXP: Binding an account from a different Secret Recovery Phrase

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Account binding is the process you must undergo if you want your LXP tokens earned in one account to be aggregated (forwarded, or attributed to) another. You might want to do this if, for example, you keep separate accounts for different purposes, or you've decided to change which account is your main.

(For a how-to guide on account binding, see here.)

However, the account binding UI—available here via the 'Connect wallet' button—does not allow you to connect accounts associated with two different MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrases (SRPs) simultaneously. This makes account binding trickier if the secondary account—from which LXP should be aggregated to the primary account—belongs to a different SRP.

(Note: the reason we're not saying "...an account that belongs to a different wallet" is because 'wallet' just refers to the wallet software/client, i.e. MetaMask. See here.) 

Is your secondary account in a different wallet client?

If so, you may be able to use WalletConnect to connect your secondary account.

You can access multiple wallet instances (i.e. SRPs/seed phrases loaded into one wallet client or another) simultaneously by using both WalletConnect and MetaMask.

Use one to connect your primary account, and the other for your secondary — it doesn't necessarily matter which way around they are. However, one must be MetaMask, and the other must be a wallet client other than MetaMask—and supported by WalletConnect—for this to work.


How to bind a secondary account from a different SRP/seed phrase


Before you begin working through the below instructions, please note that account binding is permanent, and no-one in the Linea team or elsewhere can undo any steps. Please proceed carefully.

To make the instructions easier to follow, we're going to refer to the relevant SRPs and accounts as:

  • SRP A: This is the SRP from which your intended primary account is derived. You will need to have this SRP instantiated (loaded into) MetaMask for the account binding process. For the purpose of these instructions, we're assuming this is your "main" SRP, and the one that you already have instantiated.
  • SRP B: This is the SRP from which the intended secondary account is derived. 
  • Primary account: The account you want to set as your primary in account binding, and therefore the one to which LXP will be aggregated.
  • Secondary account: The account whose LXP you want to redirect to your primary account. 

Please also note that your primary account must be the same one that you use to pass Proof of Humanity.

MetaMask Extension MetaMask Mobile

On a desktop browser, we need to first access SRP B and, from there, obtain the private key of the secondary account. With that, we can then go to SRP A (the one with the primary account), import the secondary account, and complete the wallet binding process in a browser profile where SRP A is instantiated.

Since you can only have one SRP instantiated in your MetaMask Extension at a time, you have two choices as to how you approach this:

  • Instantiate your SRPs in different browser profiles or multiple browsers as detailed here, allowing you to use multiple SRPs simultaneously (we recommend this method for various reasons—security, simplicity, control—and it's the one the instructions below assume you follow).
  • Switch between different SRPs in the same browser or browser profile by restoring SRPs.
    • If you want to do this, there's an additional step to add after step 2 below. You'll need to paste the private key somewhere local (not online), like a notepad file, and then restore SRP A before proceeding to step 3 (importing the account).
    • This follows broadly the same method detailed in the Mobile tab. 

Anyway, now for the instructions themselves:

  1. Instantiate SRP B in another browser profile. By "instantiate" we just mean load it into MetaMask by restoring. If you're unsure how to set up MetaMask in a different browser profile, refer to these MetaMask instructions

    If you're replacing another SRP in that second browser profile, restoring with SRP B will completely overwrite it. Please make sure you have the SRP recorded somewhere before you restore SRP B. If you don't have it recorded, you'll lose access to the original SRP and its accounts permanently.

  2. Locate and export the private key of the secondary account. Here's the guide.
  3. Import the secondary account into MetaMask (SRP A). Here's the MetaMask guide to importing an account. Please note that imported accounts are not retained when restoring elsewhere, or resetting your password/wallet — so please retain SRP B even after you've imported the secondary account.
  4. Head to the Linea Voyage page, here
  5. Complete the account binding process using the instructions in the Linea docs here. For clarity, you must:

    • Click the 'Connect wallet' button in the top right.
    • Connect your primary account.
    • Once connected, click on the connect account and then 'Manage wallet' on the dropdown that appears.
    • Sign a transaction to prove you own the account. This allows you to access the account binding menu.
    • Click the 'Set as primary account' button displayed under your connected account. Sign the relevant message in MetaMask to confirm.
    • Click the 'Add secondary account' button at the bottom of the menu, and select the account you imported. Sign the message in MetaMask to confirm.

    When complete, the address of the secondary account you imported is displayed under 'Secondary account' on the account binding menu.

If you run into any issues, feel free to get in touch with us on Discord.

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