Using the Linea Voyager Snap

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Leveraging the game-changing possibilities presented by MetaMask Snaps, you can now easily view and manage your LXP and Linea Voyage participation directly in MetaMask.

Snaps are applications that can securely extend the functionality of your MetaMask wallet. The Linea Voyager Snap was built in collaboration with our friends at MetaMask specifically so you can stay up-to-date with your Voyage progress, see updates about current and upcoming Voyages, and track your collected LXP.

Linea Voyager Snap install button

How do I install the Snap?

To get started, head to the companion dapp and install via the button there. Note: the Snap is only compatible with the MetaMask extension. It will not work with the MetaMask mobile app.

Linea Voyager Snap install

How do I use it?

Once installed, you need to connect the account you are using to participate in the Linea Voyage. From the companion dapp, click ‘Connect account’ to connect an account with MetaMask or ‘Watch an address’ to enter your account address manually.

Linea Voyager Snap connect account button

After you’ve linked your account, you need to access the Snaps section of your wallet. You can find this by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right of your wallet, and then clicking ‘Snaps’ in the menu that appears.

MetaMask Snaps menu

You should now see a list of any Snaps you have installed — Linea Voyager among them. Click to open it:

MetaMask Linea Voyager Snap

The Snap pulls details about your Voyage participation and collected LXP from your public address and account details. With the Snap installed, you can see:

  • Your balance of minted LXP. Any as-yet unminted LXP will not be displayed in the Snap. LXP collected via ongoing Voyages or other activations may not be reflected until the activation is complete.
  • PoH status, i.e. ‘Verified’ or ‘Not Verified’. To see a full breakdown of your PoH attestations, head to the PoH page on
  • Any live activations that you can participate in.

Linea Voyager Snap UI


Is the Snap available on both MetaMask Extension and MetaMask Mobile?

No — as with all Snaps, the Linea Voyager Snap is only available on MetaMask Extension in a desktop browser.

The Snap isn’t showing the amount of LXP I expect it to. What do I do?

First, check other sources to verify the amount you expect to see. You can view your LXP balance either through:

  • Visiting the block explorer, Lineascan, using the ‘View balance on Lineascan’ link in the Snap.
  • The Linea activations page. Connect your wallet, and your balance will be displayed.
Will I receive LXP for using the Snap?

No — the Snap is purely to make it easier for you to check your balance and stay up-to-date with Linea Voyage activations.

Where should I go if I need help with the Snap?

Head to the Linea Discord.

Can I track multiple accounts at the same time?

No — the Snap is designed to track a single account at a time.

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